Italia Boats

The perfect combination of elegance and good price.

Italia Boats is the authorized boat distributor for the Italian brands of boats in the United States. We know our boats as much as we know Italy. Our selected boats reflect each one a realization that follows the characteristics of the Italian production area.

About Our Company

ItaliaBoats, LLC is the authorized boat distributor in the United States for the following brands: SPX Rib, Ranieri International, Panamera Yacht, 2.Bar, SeaProp, Acqua Boats and Nassima Yacht.


We observed the gap in the market and we responded. After studying how to be innovative in a saturated nautical market, we realized that the perfect mix would be to combine an Italian designed product with an American approach, and to bring a product that does not compare to any other.


We import a selection of the best made in italy boats customized for success in the American market.

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Innovative design, light and perfect for lifts, unique for safety, outstanding finishings, absolute comfort.


Covering all market segments of the yachting sector with a truly unbeatable quality/price ratio.


We take care of all details, starting from the smallest to the biggest for both external and internal environments.


The goal is to be able to meet all the primary needs of boaters.

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